Structured cabling has become a necessity today in both the commercial and residential markets. There is wide variety of services available today from multiple service providers.

The cable company now offers telephone services which are delivered over their cable lines and the phone company offers television services over their new fiber optic network. Both the cable company and the phone company have offered high speed Internet access over their own separate networks. Additionally, new services are available from service providers that have taken advantage of higher Internet speeds to deliver subscription services for voice, video and music.

In order to take advantage of these services you need the correct cabling infrastructure in place. You may already have an existing infrastructure but feel it may not be adequate or needs to be upgraded. Below are some examples of how GSI can help:

This homeowner was not pleased with the state that the structured cabinet was left in by the previous installer. Many cables were left unterminated and untidy. GSI revamped the entire cabinet so that it was well organized and fully functional.


When the corporate office of this business was to be renovated to allow for expansion, it was necessary to add additional capacity to the current telecommunications infrastructure. GSI was able to expand on the existing infrastructure while using the existing space more efficiently resulting in a clean and finished look.