audio_videoWe provide Custom Design, Installation and Servicing for a variety of Audio/Video Systems for Residential and Commercial Applications. Whether your starting from the ground up or retro-fitting an existing location, we will work with you to create an A/V solution that will impress your friends or customers every time.

Crestron Digital Media

Crestron DM 8G+ is not just a switcher, an extender or a wire. It’s a complete source-to-display end-to-end engineered solution.

crestron_icon_onesolutionDigital AV is not simple, but we make it easy. Over the past few years, DM has connected hundreds of thousands of devices, and every one of them functions differently. Because of our unmatched experience, we know how to make it all work together seamlessly and reliably. And with every new installation, the power and intelligence of DM grows stronger every day. When you have Crestron DigitalMedia, you have the strength of thousands supporting you.

DM 8G+ also manages all the control and communication data that’s transmitted through HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort. Now, you never have to worry about HDCP keys, EDID resolution management or CEC. DM 8G+ also makes it easier than ever by connecting your entire digital AV infrastructure using just one IP address. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

ONE wire, any wire, does it all

crestron_icon_onewireNow, with DM8G+, we make system installation even quicker and easier than ever. You can use standard CAT5e wire or our award-winning DM 8G Cable. Either way, DM 8G+ delivers the easiest, most reliable solution for today’s digital systems.