Defend your business against burglary and forced entry and ensure that you can get help in the event of an emergency. Studies show burglars will go somewhere else when confronted with a monitored security system. We can design a customized security solution to fit you specific requirements.

Thanks to Honeywell’s VISTA security system, you can make sure that the most reliable technology is protecting your facility. VISTA is a proven, state-of-the-art security solution that has been installed in millions of businesses across the country.

It provides excellent protection and advanced communications to help ensure that alarm signals get through to central stations—no matter what. It’s the best way to stay protected…and connected.

Global Systems Integrators sells and supports Honeywell Products.

Wireless Commercial Security Solutions

Inovonics wireless commercial security products can connect to almost any security system, and offer direct interfaces with many of the industry-leading control panels. With the availability of add-on and serial receivers, you have unparalleled flexibility in your connectivity options.

Inovonics Security Hardware

For over 30 years, commercial buildings have been secured with Inovonics. The panel agnostic flexibility of the EchoStream® commercial mesh network allows for a wider selection of transmitters than traditional wired systems.

Inovonics Wireless Commercial Security Applications

Inovonics wireless commercial security applications range from a single alarm transmitter to thousands of wireless security sensors serving sprawling multi-building campuses. There are numerous applications, including but not limited to the below examples.

Intrusion Detection & Building Security

Inovonics intrusion detection devices transmit alarms when sensing unauthorized entry or activity. Inovonics universal transmitters detect open windows or doors, motion detectors to warn of intruders, and glass break detectors that indicate a broken window, door, or display case. Examples of current Inovonics intrusion detection and building security applications include, but are not limited to: building security for offices, schools, courthouses, historical landmarks, critical infrastructure, retail/grocery stores, farms, zoos, movie theaters, museums, car dealerships and warehouses.

Panic/Duress Button Pendants

Inovonics wireless panic button pendant transmitters offer virtually limitless opportunities for duress alarming applications. Our line of pendant transmitters are water resistant, have single or dual button activation, the ability to send multiple condition messages, and every pendant transmitter is fully supervised to ensure reliability. Examples of current Inovonics panic/duress button pendant applications include, but are not limited to the following.


In an active shooter, or other dangerous situation, a teacher can immediately trigger an emergency response, such as a lockdown, using an Inovonics wireless panic button pendant.


From local municipalities to our nation’s capital, protecting government employees is a top priority. Inovonics wireless panic buttons provide a simple to use and immediate alarm in an emergency situation, lowering response times and increasing the effectiveness of security. Examples of current Inovonics government applications include, but are not limited to: courthouses, office buildings, historical sites, museums and military bases.


Hospitals around the world struggle with workplace violence. Inovonics wireless panic button pendants easily integrate with existing security infrastructure and enable hospital staff to pressing a simple button and emergency responders are immediately notified to send help.


With ever-changing layouts and protection needs, Inovonics offers the most convenient solution for retail environments. With a broad selection of wireless security devices, protecting employees and merchandise has never been easier. Inovonics wireless panic buttons provide a simple and effective method of alerting security, management, or other responders of a situation.


The banking industry has a wide range of security system needs. Inovonics, having millions of devices installed around the globe already, provide products including, but not limited to, burglar alarms, gate controls, glass break detection, motion detectors, panic buttons, teller alarms and bill traps.

Global Systems Integrators sells and supports Inovonics Products.

From homes to factories and offices of any size, our intrusion systems meet the most rigorous international standards and include the most advanced security technology. Typical products and systems include intrusion detectors/alarms and transmission equipment.

Global Systems Integrators is a Bosch Certified Security Dealer.