From small covert surveillance systems to 100+ camera systems, closed circuit television surveillance is watching when you cannot. We can enable Remote Internet Video Surveillance Monitoring so you can watch your business from a computer anywhere in the world.

Apex Video Management Software

cloud managed recording platform

The convenience and flexibility of the cloud

Apex VMS is tightly integrated with OpenEye Web Services for complete remote administration of your users and recorders. Adding a new user to OWS and getting them online with access to recorders takes only minutes. Single sign-on allows you to connect to your recorders from any web browser, mobile app, or remote client with only your email address and password. No need to remember IP addresses or port forward your recorders ever again.

Our video export tools also allow you to export important video incidents up to the cloud for safe keeping and to instantly share with coworkers or law enforcement.

The performance and reliability of local recording

A key weakness of pure cloud recording solutions is the inability to support high megapixel and camera count installations or to record at all when your Internet connection is down. Apex VMS keeps the recording local for improved performance and reliability while offering the benefits of online video backup and central management that make the cloud compelling.

Our systems are built to allow future expansion of channel counts and are available with redundant storage and power supplies to ensure you are always up and recording when it matters most.


oe_dvrThe OpenEye digital recorders are cutting edge CCTV recorders that have essentially replaced old analog systems. Analog systems were used for decades to record video onto tapes. Now video is encoded digitally into bits and stored on magnetic hard drives. Digital recording offers better performance than analog for several reasons:

  • No switching tapes
  • No video degradation
  • Video is always instantly accessible
  • Intelligent searches makes finding video FAST
  • Easily export video into a usable format that can be emailed
  • Remote connections provide instant access to video
  • Remote connections allow you to edit DVR recording schedules and other options

Radius Software

The Radius Software is a Multi-Site Network DVR Management Program enabling users to monitor 100+ DVRs from a central location as well as:

  • Import custom maps and floor plans
  • Link to HTML maps
  • Receive event alarms from multiple DVRs
  • Listen to live audio
  • Use multiple monitors
  • Search POS data
  • Search recorded video
  • Control PTZ cameras
  • Search video from one or more DVRs at once

Remote Software

The interface of the Remote Software is similar to that of the DVR Server Software and should feel intuitive from the start. Just as in the Server Software, you can view live video, search video, control PTZ Cameras, and configure the settings of the DVR.

Global Systems Integrators is an authorized OpenEye Dealer.

Featured Product – Bosch Security Systems license plate camera. Press pause to see plate in video when vehicle is in view.

Cameras – Bosch Security Systems has a camera for your installation, from basic models to extreme environment models.

The AutoDome Modular Camera Systembosch_camera_250x116
The world of CCTV will never be the same

Imagine a CCTV system that never becomes obsolete. One that allows you to upgrade functionality, adapt to changing security needs and migrate to new technologies without even having to power down your system. One that features advanced intelligence capabilities for capturing the most accurate images possible, and IP functionality for the most efficient transmission and storage of those images.

This is the revolutionary concept behind the IP-enabled AutoDome Modular CCTV Camera System. With the new AutoDome, one camera and a series of interchangeable modules adapt to your changing security needs. The technology is sophisticated, but the idea couldn’t be simpler.

The entire system is based on five types of interchangeable modules: the CPU, camera, housing, communications and power supply. Simply replace one of the modules to switch from fixed to PTZ, upgrade from color to day/night, or add advanced intelligence features such as motion tracking and IP communication. Never before have you been able to adapt a system as quickly or inexpensively.


Digital video recorders (DVRs) revolutionized the industry by eliminating bulky videotapes and placing archives of CCTV video at your fingertips. No more costly maintenance or tedious tape switching. Searching became instant and reliable. And while DVRs still require a switcher to funnel video into the operations station, as technology improves, so do video size and storage devices.


Network video recorders (NVRs) using IP Network Video are the third generation – the next step in this evolution of more cost-effective and space-efficient CCTV solutions for viewing and storing video. IP-based digital encoders push encoded video onto the network for storage anywhere. This has opened the door to the process of converting analog CCTV video to digital, storing it in one place, and viewing it from anywhere in the world. As with any technology advancement, some users will be ready to make the jump to IP immediately, while others will prefer to transition over time. Because Bosch IP Network Video products are compatible with existing analog components, the transition can be effected gradually, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of IP CCTV video while continuing to make profitable use of your analog investment. Or, you have the option of installing a complete IP CCTV system all at once for instant access to the latest CCTV technology.

Global Systems Integrators is a Bosch Certified Security Dealer.