Mobile App

Free and compatible with all modern devices, the Comelit app allows you to: – Receive calls from the entrance panel wherever you are – Review video messages recorded by visitors for missed calls – Call the internal devices in your system (video/audio entry phones) – Open gates and doors. The app works with PUSH notifications, this means that is only activated on receipt of a call and thereby saving power and data. Install a Comelit system and enjoy all the advantages of an entry phone in your pocket.

Entrance Panels


Ultra series flush-mounted audio/video entrance panel with 5” touch-screen module, for IP (ViP) system. Twilight sensor for touch-screen backlighting management. Omnidirectional digital microphone and dual loudspeaker for high-fidelity audio. Wide-angle colour video camera with 160° horizontal and 100° vertical field of vision. Audio-visual indications for disabled individuals assistance request. 5” capacitive display with high visibility and impact-proof glass, plus white or black theme selection. Easy-to-use graphic interface, can be customised with virtual call buttons or with a number keypad to call users when the relevant code is known. Access control function with activation of the audio or audio/video module outputs and the system actuators. Buttons can be customised for direct calls to the switchboard, commercial activities with corresponding logos and to display welcome messages.

Global Systems Integrators is a Comelit Diamond Dealer.

Telephone Entry

Telephone entry systems allow for voice communication from the lobby or gated entrance using a standard telphone line. These systems can be as simple as a keypad with a printed directory or have a built in digital directory with a large LCD display. Access control can also be added to these systems to allow keyless entry for the residents.