test_inspectionIn order to comply with state and local code requirements, AHJs require fire alarm and life safety systems to have a periodic system test and inspection.

GSI offers several services in order to meet or exceed these requirements. Below is a list of some of these services:

  • Visual Inspection of System Components
  • Functional Test
    • Smoke Test of Smoke Detectors
    • Heat Test of Heat Detectors
    • Activation Test of Pull Stations
    • Visual and Audible Test of Notification Appliances
    • System operation on Battery Backup
    • Elevator Capture Operation
    • Sprinkler System Suppervision and Alarm Trip
  • NFPA Inspection Reports
    • System Information (Make, Model and Location)
    • Measurement Results (Battery Voltages and Capacity)
    • Functional Test Pass/Fail Results
    • Issues found that need addressing

The above services are available on one of the following schedules:

  • Monthly System Test and Inspection
  • Quarterly System Test and Inspection
  • Semi-Annual System Test and Inspection
  • Annual System Test and Inspection