keltronKeltron Corporation is a leading provider of fire and security alarm monitoring solutions that enable organizations and companies to provide dependable, scalable, life safety event response services. Keltron develops and manufactures secure, reliable, UL-listed fire and security alarm response management systems, alarm annunciators and complementary alarm system components for the municipal and proprietary life safety markets.

Since 1967, Keltron has maintained a reputation for the high quality, reliability and solid performance of its fire and security systems and products. Their life safety event management systems protect lives in municipalities, universities, hospitals, museums, industrial complexes, and apartment and office buildings as well as government and military facilities worldwide.

keltron_systemIntroducing the Keltron system for fast, dependable and universally-compatible life safety event management – the Keltron LS 7000. The UL listed Keltron LS 7000 system meets the mission critical needs of the life safety industry by providing direct and efficient access to event information and enabling the fastest response to critical fire and security situations.

Meeting the challenge
New building construction, facilities expansion and equipment upgrades frequently require the addition or centralization of life safety event management systems for municipalities, educational and correctional institutions, healthcare facilities, and office, residential and industrial complexes. That growth, coupled with increasing regulations and new building codes, challenges facilities managers with finding a solution that will substantially improve their organization’s fire and security response performance within their allotted personnel and budget.

How the Keltron LS 7000 works
The Keltron LS 7000 Life Safety Event Management system is a suite of software applications; dispatcher, monitor, maintenance, history and utilities. It is a network-compatible system that receives alarms from a wide variety of industry standard communications technologies including: Ethernet, active network radio, distributed multiplex, digital communicator, direct copper and fiber wire, and coded signals. The system then provides direct and efficient access to event information to enable the fastest possible response to life safety events. The system provides the operator with event type, location, hazards and other mission critical information and even suggests the most appropriate response strategy.

Global Systems Integrators is a Keltron Life Safety Systems Certified Dealer.