ERCES BDA Solutions

In-building Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems

Supports All Frequency Bands

The M5 can support any public safety Land Mobile Radio (LMR) frequency band within the same product platform. The standard DSP channelized models can be programmed for up to 32 Channels and can be configured with up to 64 channels if needed. The Dual band DSP versions come with 64 Channel capacity as standard. Class B-ANA models are band selective and can be factory tuned for a specific frequency band. Frequency bands can easily be changed on all models with a simple panel swap. Duplexers are built-in on the BDA panel and no external filters are required for standard operation.

Band Uplink Downlink
VHF 150MHz – 170MHz 150MHz – 170MHz
UHF 406.2MHz-512MHz 406.2MHz – 512MHz
700MHZ 799MHz – 805MHz 769MHz – 775MHz
800MHz 806MHz – 824MHz 851MHz – 869MHz

Dual Band

799MHz – 805MHz
806MHz – 824MHz
769MHz – 775MHz
851MHz – 869MHz

Supervision and Monitoring

The M5 includes supervision and monitoring compliant with the requirements of NFPA1225, 1221, 72, IFC, and UL2524. Fire Alarm Monitoring Modules connect directly to the provided normally open relay output “dry contacts” with built-in EOL resistors: AC Power, BDA Trouble, Charger Trouble, Battery Low, Antenna Trouble, System Component Trouble, Oscillation Detected, and a programmable Auxiliary port that can be programmed for different functions, including the enclosure door / tamper alarm. The Standby switch terminal is available in case the AHJ requires BDAs to remain in standby mode and to be activated only when needed. When in STBY mode, the BDA is still fully supervised and batteries are still being charged. Also, important to mention is that In addition to supervising the Donor Antenna, M5 can supervise the DAS Riser.

Dedicated Annunciator Panel

The M5 series offers two Dedicated Annunciator Panel options: the Standard Version and the Enhanced Version. Both versions are code-compliant and fully supervised. They are very simple to install on a standard two-gang / four-gang electrical box and connect to the BDA with a standard four-wire twisted pair fire alarm cable. No external power supply, no configuration, or programming is required – just connect the four wires. The Enhanced Version adds an audible alert and a “lamp test” function which is required in some jurisdictions.