Customization is the key to an integrated lighting control and automation system. Your system will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Using the lighting system as a building block, we can provide many features, from in floor sensors to light your way to turning lights on when the doorbell rings. One touch of a button when you walk out can turn off all the lights and AV equipment in the house. Today’s typical designs require rows of switches to control all the lights, ceiling fans, AV equipment etc. in each area. However with our system, we can put up to eight switches in one box, eliminating the clutter. Also, any keypad or touch screen can control any light in the house, this will be customized to suit your particular needs. Your imagination is the only limitation to what our computerized lighting and automation systems can do.



LiteTouch® retrofit insert

a sustainable lighting solution

LiteTouch retrofit

Simple installation with minimal disruption

  • No drywall repair – We can use the existing LiteTouch®/Savant® enclosure to install your system, leaving no need for drywall repair
  • Use existing wiring – We are able to use your existing wire, which means no holes or additional cost of new wire
  • Simple keypad replacement – replace your LiteTouch keypads with Vantage keypads using existing electrical boxes and wiring
  • Or upgrade to Equinox – Equinox from Vantage provides a simple and unique lighting and automation system control experience


Global Systems Integrators is a Certified Vantage Dealer.