GSI expertly serves many commercial clients. Below is a description of the various types of clients we serve. Be sure to also visit our Control Systems section for additional information.


The perfect ambiance you’ve created for your guests is enhanced by the right sight and sound experience.

Conference Rooms and Board Rooms

A properly designed automation system can make the proper lighting adjustments while the shades are drawn automatically. Simultaneously, the display is activated and the volume is turned up. All this can be achieved from the press of a single button.

Professional Offices

Soothing, informational audio or engaging and educational video can entertain or relax your clients while in your office.

Waiting Rooms

A television on the wall and speakers overhead will help customers pass the time while they wait their turn for their appointment.


Digital signage can be used to direct guests to the proper venue or educate them about upcoming events.


Smart classrooms are becoming a staple in the educational field. Projectors and sound systems can enhance any educational experience.