In several states nationwide a license is required to service or install low voltage systems and/or security systems. Many companies are illegally installing security and life safety systems without proper licensing and insurance. A potential customer needs to ask if the company they are considering to do business with is properly licensed and if the insurance company of that company is aware that they are installing security systems. There are a very limited number of insurance companies that will insure companies that perform security and life safety systems installations. Insurance premiums are significanty higher for security and life safety installation companies, so many choose not to be properly insured. Most insurance companies will deny coverage to companies that perform security and life safey installations if they do not already serve that market. GSI is properly licensed and issured to perform security and life safety installtions.

New York

Licensed by the NYS Department of State UID# 12000265800

Excerpts from Article 6-D General Business Law:

§69-m. License required

  1. On and after October 1, 1992, no person shall engage in the business of installing, servicing or maintaining security or fire alarm systems or hold himself out as being able so to do unless he is licensed therefor pursuant to this article. Nothing herein shall prohibit a person licensed in accordance with the provisions of this article from employing individuals to assist in the installation, servicing or maintaining of security or fire alarm systems, provided such licensee issues identification cards on a form prescribed by the Secretary of State to each unlicensed individual.

§195.2 Need for license

  1. An individual, firm, company partnership or corporation must be licensed:
    1. if it installs, maintains or services alarm systems, including such items as the detectors, control devices and alarm communication systems; or
    2. if it holds itself out to the public as being able to do so.
  2. A security and fire alarm installers license is required for the installation, maintenance or servicing of the following:
    1. a closed circuit television system (CCTV) if such system is used, either full-time or part- time, for the detection or monitoring of intrusion, break-in, theft, movement, sound or fire; and
    2. electrical entry systems which detect and/or provide notification of intrusion, break-in, theft, movement, sound or fire regardless of the number of entry points.




The holder of this license may perform only work limited to low voltage, alarm or signal work, audio and sound systems, and telephone-interconnect. The voltage of any system is not to exceed forty-eight (48) volts or five (5) amperes where such work commences at an outlet receptacle or connection previously installed by a person holding the proper electrical license.