GSI’s corporate clients range from large corporate parks to single tenent spaces. GSI provides a range of services to these clients including:

  • Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • CCTV (video surveilance)
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Audio Video and Control Systems
  • Telephone Systems


Children’s safety is the highest priority for educational facilities. GSI has deep experience with all types of educational facilities, including day care, elementary, middle school, high school and college/university. We understand the unique needs of these organizations and have helped protect young people for more than a decade.


GSI has a successful track record of working with government agencies. GSI has provided customized, highly-sensitive security solutions to federal, state and local agencies, adhering meticulously to their strict requirements.

Healthcare and Senior Living

GSI services the security and life safety systems that are used for emergency notification of medical personnel, nurse call, fire alarm systems, CCTV, access control, patient tracking and intrusion detection systems.

Hospitality and Food Service

Hotels, restaurants and pubs all look to give their customers a safe and pleasant environment where they can relax and enjoy themselves. GSI provides both the required systems for security and life safety as well as the advanced audio and video systems, including custom viewing screens and sound systems, for their patron’s enjoyment.


Whether the goal is to minimize theft of raw materials or to protect controlled substances, GSI has worked with a wide range of global manufacturers to protect their facilities, materials and corporate offices.


Today’s homes and multiple dwelling units have a wide array of technology requirements. These requirements range from that which is really required to that which is desired by their occupants. GSI understands these requirements very well and delivers complete turn key solutions ranging from life safety and communications systems to home automation and audio video systems.


GSI has several retail establishments as clients. Some require a simple alarm system while others are interested in remote, Web-based monitoring of their business while they are away. In addition to basic security, some may benefit from enviromental monitoring of conditions which could damage their products, such as temperature changes or water damage. GSI has installed fire alarms, CCTV and intrusion detection systems for several types of establishments, which include:

  • Clothing Stores
  • Delicatessens
  • Stationary Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Mini Marts
  • Ice Cream Stores
  • Equipment Distributors


The telecommunications industry is constantly at the forefront of technology and requires solutions that keep pace with the evolution of comminucations technology. Multi-site neworked security solutions are a must. GSI has exstensive experience working with IP based integrated security systems as well as experience in the telecommunications industry.