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DSX-40 Multi Station Phone System


The DSX-40 represents the next generation of DS Series platforms, and is designed for residential and small commercial applications. The system shares station equipment, IntraMail voice mail, and programming design with the DSX-80/160.

The standard DSX-40 configuration provides 4 CO/line ports, 8 digital station ports, 2 analog station ports, and 2 analog doorbox ports with relay controls. The system is easy to install and expands easily to 8 lines with 24 business phones or 18 single-line phones, or a mixture of both, via expansion cards.

Notable system features include:

  • Built-in 2-port automated attendant, with multiple line greetings, and customizable dial action tables.
  • Built-in caller ID information that can be logged at each extension and that can be sent to analog phones with caller ID capabilities.
  • Workgroup features such as Call Coverage, Extension Hunting, Group Call Pick-up and Multi-Party Conference.
  • Intuitive system programming via DSX telephone or the System Administrator software.
  • Optional DSX IntraMail voice mail / automated attendant that provides more advanced automated attendant features than provided by the built-in auto attendant. Available in either a 4-port x 8-hour, or 8-port x 16-hour configuration.

Global Systems Integrators is an NEC DSX Reseller.